November 12th, 2013

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Performers' Revel Was Awesome, As Usual

Last weekend was one of the few SCA events we still manage to make it to -- Performers' Revel at Caer Bear. For us, the event starts Friday night when we show up at Igor and Fevronia's and get to hang with them -- something we don't get to do nearly enough.

Performers' Revel is a small event held at Ig and Fevronia's house whose origins go back to when they were Baron and Baroness and wanted to create a "safe space" to encourage new performers as well as satisfy the urge of regular bards to get together and jam. Every attendee is required to do some sort of performance (interpreted very broadly) as their 'tithe' to the crowd. Baron Igor cooks up a lunch and dinner that smell amazing and, from what I am told, tastes amazing as well.

This year, on Friday night, I was lamenting how the pickled mushrooms always smell so wonderful and someday I would need to get Ig to make a kosher batch. As it happened, Ig had kosher vinegar and a glass bowl suitable for the making of a small batch of kosher pickled mushrooms. And yes, they were very good.

Unfortunately, Rivka was feeling somewhat under the weather, so we left relatively soon after Shabbos ended when they broke for dinner rather than staying for the after dinner performances. But it was a marvelous time and an excellent tonic to an emotionally draining week.