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I surrender
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Monday, May 5th, 2014

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Work has kept me pretty busy since Passover
I just realized I haven't posted here much of late. Been doing short updates on Facebook, but generally just been too tied up in work to post anything of significance. Which is rather a shame, as there is much to talk about.

The short version is, Becky and Aaron doing fine. I'm doing fine, if overwhelmed. Is gonna big a big FCC meeting for me May 15, with lots of important items representing years of work on the agenda, and more stuff (like Comcast/TWC/Charter) in the background.

Longer version will have to wait a bit.
Link Harvest: Old PK Videos on Title II and Net Neutrality
We made these 4 years ago, and once again they are relevant.

A short animated history of the classification of broadband access service.

I explain how this whole classification thing works.

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