May 6th, 2014

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The Difference Between Stubborn Refusal To Quit and Stubborn Refusal to Learn

Am I the only one who thinks the itsy bitsy spider is a total moron? Dude, it's a friggin' drainpipe. You are going to get flooded out again. It is not noble to fail to learn from experience, and stubborn determination to build in a floodplain does not make you brave or noble or any other virtue. It makes you a stubborn idiot wasting your time and that of everyone else who supports you.

By contrast, the ant moving the rubber tree plant is an inspiration and a role model. Because the ant does move the rubber tree plant. It is one thing to dare impossible odds and overcome them by sheer stubborn determination and refusal to quit. It is another thing altogether to stubbornly refuse to learn from experience.

Someday, I'm hoping the itsy bitsy spider v. the rubber tree ant will appear on Epic Rap Battles History. Rubber tree ant
gonna kick some itsy bitsy butt.