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June 2014 - osewalrus
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by osewalrus:

02:03 pm: Trying to remain disconnected at Bethany Beach - 2 comments

07:29 am: Policy, Anecdotes and the Problem of the Black Swan. - 3 comments
12:30 pm: Link Harvest: The Case For Reparations - 2 comments

05:20 am: Back From Memorial Service - 4 comments
02:09 pm: Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Think the PA Took The Teenagers? - 2 comments

05:19 pm: Link dumpage

11:44 am: This Totally Made My Day -- Oh Heck, WEEK! - 4 comments

11:49 am: Link Harvest: T-Mo on Music Freedom
12:10 pm: From my blog: Zombie Arguments The DC Circuit Already Killed Once - 1 comment

05:59 am: Brief Comment on SCOTUS Decision Holding MA "Buffer Zones" Violate First Amen - 1 comment