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I surrender
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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

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Victories Are Nice
Well, it's been an interesting week last week, and no mistake. But it finished on a rather nice note.

The House passed by voice vote the Cell Phone Unlocking Bill of 2014. The House had passed a version of this back in February, but it contained a really awful bulk unlocking provision added at the last minute by the largest cell phone companies. The Senate version removed the offending clause and got us back to the good bill. the House passed by voice vote (meaning everyone agreed) and the President (who supported the legislation) issued a statement that he looks forward to signing it.

There is a sufficiency of nourishkeit out there that remedying some is pleasant. We have reaffirmed that people have the right to unlock their phones once they pay them off, and have spanked the Copyright Office for straying well beyond what Congress intended (and what previous Registrars of Copyright had done). Hopefully it will stick for them as we go to the next Trienniel Review.

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