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I surrender
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Thursday, August 21st, 2014

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Working from Home until after Labor Day
We're remodelling the office. So I now need to figure out how to use Slack -- which is apparently the latest popular messaging and document sharing platform.

I'm hoping this will prove more productive. Also need to figure out how to check my office voice mail remotely. I was travelling for most of the lead up to this.
Best Verge Article on Comcast Yet
Another brilliant piece by Adrianna Jefferies, whose "Comcast Confession" series at The Verge has been some of the most in-depth and analytic reporting (not merely bashing) of Comcast I've seen to date. Interviews with nealy 200 current and former employees and hundreds of pages of leaked documents.

This article puts the pieces together and brings it home for the Comcast/TWC merger.

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