September 19th, 2014

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Battle on the Bay Report Part II: Experiment Results

In my previous entry I described my two experiments at the Storvik SCA Event Battle of the Bay. One was an effort to do a long form storytelling contest. The other was an effort to prepare a Bible story as a Viking story to tell at the contest.

The short version is that my boast Friday night at the boasting contest worked better for me than the story. There were a lot of issues for me in telling the story, many deriving from the fact that (as usual) I did not have enough time to work on it and what got premiered was really a very rough prof of concept rather than a final conceptualized story. OTOH, for reasons I will elaborate on below, while I am glad to have tried the experiment, I'm not sure it is worth the effort to improve it and try again.

As for the contest itself. I think that went better. But I did not do nearly enough to publicize it so that it got an audience to see that long-form storytelling is fun and good stuff. I can definitely think of ways to improve on that is I run the experiment again.

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