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I surrender
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Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

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The last time the FCC classified something as Title II Telecommunications Was 2007. It worked fine.
To address the frantic craziness around classifying residential broadband as a "Title II" telecommunications service, I did a little write up of the last time the FCC actually classified something as Title II (automatic voice roaming in 2007) and compared it with the NOT TITLE II approach for data roaming the FCC adopted in 2011.
To be clear, I'm not saying reclassifying broadband would be nearly as straightforward. But this little exercise shows that (a) the FCC has reclassified services as Title II relatively recently (even since the iPhone was introduced!); (b) they did not need to impose all the crap Title II opponents say they must address as part of reclassification; (c) classifying voice roaming as Title II did not destroy the wireless industry; and, (d) the FCC classified voice roaming as Title II despite finding that wireless services were competitive.
By contrast, the Title I/Title III solution used for data roaming has not been a superior 'light touch' approach. The NOT TITLE II approach the FCC took with data roaming has been an ineffective mess.

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