January 15th, 2015

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A Progressive Defends The Humor of Charlie Hebdo By Providing Some Much Needed Context

I recommend to everyone this Daily Kos piece explaining the context of the controversial Charlie Hebdo humor.

Context in humor is, in fact, important -- especially for those who are not native speakers. The author essentially argues that Charlie Hebdo is similar to Borat, and that the French readers familiar with the context fully understand this, as evidenced by the fact that Charlie Hebdo is regarded in France as a leftist publication rather than a conservative anti-immigrant right-wing publication. Many of the infamous cartoons (such as the Bokko Haram women claiming that they want welfare) are actually satires of the right wing publications which -- if we Americans were familiar with the actual racist comments these cartoons are satiring -- we would understand.

Whether or not one agrees, I highly recommend it for those uncomfortable with #JeSuisCharlie
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Verizon Wireless and the unkillable "Zombie Cookie."

Remember the Verizon Wireless Super Cookie I ranted about last fall? Turns out third parties are using it to create "zombie cookies" that can't be purged. Anyone who actually cares about their online privacy might want to freak out now.

And yes, this is much worse than what Facebook or Google does, because it breaks the rules for how tracking software is supposed to behave and breaks encryption. You can be the biggest privacy person in the world, but it doesn't matter, because the company that provides you with your Internet access is messing with your bitstream.

Happily for you, the Republicans in Congress are going to take away the jurisdiction of the FCC to do anything about this. But that is a story for another time.