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I surrender
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Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

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High Impact/Low Ego Leadership Models
I am much impressed with this piece on high impact/low ego leadership and the #BlackLivesMatter social change movement. For many years, I have urged that modern movements that are successful work on a de-centralized "rough consensus and running code" model. This is often mistaken for "no leadership" and lack of movement.

One of the elements of high impact/low ego leadership is that by shifting focus from a single, anointed charismatic leader (or a handful of leaders representing different "factions"), the movement and the change become much more bottom up. Consider, as another example, the social change movement around legalization of marijuana, or marriage equality. One cannot point to a single leader or organization that is the spokesperson. One can point to many individuals and organizations operating at various levels (local, state, national) that have contributed to dramatic changes in state legislation and on the ground well in advance of federal legislation.

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