May 8th, 2015

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I will now do filk to Gaaaaalavaaaaant

Inspired by Tom Smith's opening stanza and news that the ABC series Galavant is being renewed for a second season, much to everyone's surprise.

TTO: Galavant opening theme

Our story wasn't done
At end of season 1
So we're gonna bring Galavant

Cliffhangers we will solve
Now go to quick dissolve
and show these flashback scenes of Galavant

Use this montage as an update
While I use this song to narrate

WAIT! That charatcher is new
Do you wonder what she'll do
With what and how and who
Then tune in to season 2
of Gaaaaaalaaaaaavaaaaaaaant.

*yes, I know it's "whom" not "who." That doesn't rhyme.