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I surrender
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Friday, August 14th, 2015

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Free to get hit by a bus now.
There was a time when if I got hit by a bus, that would be it for the public interest community doing complicated technical spectrum work at the FCC.

Then it was if ether Michael Calabrese or myself got hit by a bus. That would be it.

Today, I found out that a whole bunch of the younger attorneys are now busy working on a technical item that just came up. While my advice is certainly welcome, they have a handle on the problem and the matter is unfolding with minimal attention on my part.


Mission accomplished. I am now free to get hit by a bus with no guilt.

Mind you, I have no intention or desire to get hit by a bus. Rather, I will continue moving into more obstruse and obscure areas of policy so that the high level stuff can continue to keep moving in the right direction and other people can enjoy putting out the fires. But it is nice to know that the last 7 years have not been wasted.

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