September 1st, 2015

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Letting Out the Geek

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Must . . . control . . . fist . . . of . . . death!

i think this is the tech equivalent of the Rick Santelli speech widely credited with starting the Tea Party. Dumb ass the WLAN Admin is pissed that the FCC prevents him from jamming Wi-Fi.

Mind you, they rank up there with the people who think T-Mo going after hackers is a net neutrality violation.

How is this like the Santelli speech? It is the same obnoxious injurious cry of the financial elites called to account. How dare the FCC, a mere government agency, think it can intrude on our sacred technical space! As for the inabilty of these self-indulgent whiny elitist idjits to understand the law, I can only say RTFM, where "M" = 47 CFR.

Oh, did my use of unfamiliar numbers and acronyms confuse you? Wow, now you know how the users you mock on tech support feel. BTW, that thing is not a cup holder/hot pad for your coffee, its a *book* with *regulations* that answer your stupid dumb ass questions if you read it.

Now call me back on the support line again so i can put you on hold and mock you some more.