November 24th, 2015

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I shall now brag about Aaron

But off FB, so as not to embarass him.

Last night I went to the last parent/teacher conference for Aaron. He is doing well this semester, including his A in computer programming. I spoke to his AP calculus teacher who related that Aaron asks "the best questions in class." This, of course, made me very happy. The teacher then related the following story.

"When I teach the class, I show three ways of solving the problem. One time Aaron raised his hand and asked 'Why didn't you solve it this way?' He came up to the board and wrote out his approach. I looked it over, turned to the class, and said: 'now you have a fourth way to solve the problem.'"

To understand the material enough to come up independently with his own solution, and to share it just because he's interested.

I shall now purr like a contented Jewish father: kvell, kvell, kvvvvvvelllllllllll!!!