November 25th, 2015

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In Memoriam: Wally Bowen

Last week, we lost a true leader in bringing broadband to rural America, and I lost a friend and personal hero. Wally Bowen died of ALS last week.

I wrote this appreciation for Wally on my blog, and why I am Thankful for Wally Bowen this Thanksgiving.
"So this Thanksgiving, I will raise a glass to my friend and inspiration Wally Bowen. I grieve that our time together was so short, but I am grateful to God for giving me, the people of Asheville, and everyone else Wally touched, the time he had. And even if you never heard of Wally Bowen or MAIN before this blog post, take a minute tomorrow to be Thankful for the Wally Bowens of the world — those who give of themselves with joy to build a better world."