February 23rd, 2016

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How The Political Revolution Works: The Current Democratic Primary Race

Dear Hillary Supporters and Bernie Supporters:

Saw y'all remember back last year when "the plan" was that Bernie was going to run to push Hillary to the left, and while Bernie supporters wanted Bernie to win they would rather vote for Hillary than any Republican?

So, with the hot breath of competition in the last two weeks we have.

Hillary adds web page tab and bigger plank on racial justice:

Hillary revives support for public option: http://qz.com/…/can-hillary-clinton-really-cover-the-last-…/

See, *this* is how the political revolution works.

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I will close with a thought from Lois Bujold (bonus points for naming the book first). "The key to strategy, little man, is not just one path to victory, but so that all paths lead to some kind of victory." Mind you, for that to work, you have to keep your eyes on where you are going and not get so wound up in your strategy tree that you lose sight of the here and now.