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May 2016 - osewalrus
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by osewalrus:

06:31 am: Movie Review: Keanu - 1 comment
12:35 pm: Link Harvest: Qualcomm Introduces Multifire

07:13 am: A few random reflections on Indiana Primary - 3 comments
05:53 pm: Link Harvest: Nate Confesses Error On Republicans, Democratic Recanting still needed - 1 comment

10:12 am: Obama Uses Yom HaShoah Address Worth Reading For Several Reasons - 2 comments

05:56 pm: RIP: Hossein Ali Qomi, mka Dr. Gregory Rose - 12 comments

02:41 pm: And so, best beloved, this is why you have a period . . . .
04:26 pm: Odd Connection Between NC Anti-LGBTQ and FCC Preemption of Anti-Muni Statutes

02:53 pm: Link Harvest: Leibowitz attacks FCC privacy -- without mentioning he lobbies for cable. - 1 comment

06:36 am: Link Harvest: Adam Ruins Everything On Millenials

06:28 am: June 7 can't happen friggin' fast enough - 7 comments

12:51 pm: More demographic info showing yes, it's a generational thing.
01:33 pm: Oh yes, and Please Stop Being So Patronizing About Bernie Supporters. - 2 comments

11:09 am: If You Wonder How The Media Generates "Fights" - 1 comment
02:02 pm: From my daily conversations - 1 comment

05:52 am: Briefly on Captain America: Civil War
09:53 am: Will robots replace lawyers?
10:03 am: The Dance of Grown Ups has begun - 1 comment

05:36 am: Link Harvest: Poll of African American California Voters