July 6th, 2016

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Old Filk Song: Iowa (Trek Version)

I hauled this out for the one-shots at Conterpoint last week end, and found out on http://ladymondegreen's page that folks had never heard it and http://cflute, http://browngirl and http://katyhh expressed interest in my posting the words. So here it is again for those who are interested.

Title: Iowa (I Just Work In Outer Space) by Harold Feld
Tune: Iowa by Dar Williams

A man can't just reach out and touch the stars
But the nights of Iowa make me wish that I could
My family and friends, I'd hate to leave you
But if the chance came by, I would

Way back where I come from
It seems no one else is bothered
By the urge to know what lies behind
The nearest bend or turn

So they walk in their world of safe people
While at night I walk out on the hillsides and burn

Iowa, ohhhh Iowa, Iowa
Ahhhhh Iowa

How I long to explore strange new worlds
To boldly go where no man has ever gone before
But I fear that the price I have to pay
Is to leave you all forever when I go out to explore

I asked my brother 'bout it
On a hot day
The sun beat down on cornfields
And the dust clouds filled the air

Sam said: "Hearth and home are what you need Jim.
It's family that counts, not whatever lies out there."


Once I had everything, I gave it up.
No beach to walk on and no world that I can ever call my own
I have fed all to my ever hungry heart
I have become a Name that ever through the galaxy will roam

And I'd do it again.

But sometimes in the quite
Of a late watch
I think about my family and the friends I'll never see.

And I wish I was again the boy I was in Iowa
The hillsides, the night skies and me.

Chorus x2