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September 2016 - osewalrus
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by osewalrus:

06:44 pm: Review: Star Trek Beyond (Spoilers) - 1 comment

05:47 am: On the Death of Phyllis Schlafly
05:56 am: As I keep saying, the fundamentals of political science in the US are changing - 1 comment

03:12 pm: Your "smart" sex toy can collects your personal data -- and can be hacked.

12:50 pm: Link Harvest: PEW on the changing digital news landscape.
03:00 pm: Ted Cruz's Ridiculous Bill on The IANA Transition

12:03 pm: Today's Mussar Drash: Why We Must Teach Women Halacha to Prevent Avodah Zarah - 1 comment

06:50 am: Why Are Dems Doing Poorly? Maybe They Should Run On their Economic Policies. - 5 comments