September 26th, 2016

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Why Are Dems Doing Poorly? Maybe They Should Run On their Economic Policies.

And interesting survey and report from Democracy Corp (James Carville's outfit) that confirms what I keep talking about.
Tl;dr lots of voters are dissatisfied, particularly younger voters. These "change voters" do not respond well to a simple anti-Trump message. Money quote:
"Clinton widening her lead and winning states and Democrats making gains in the Senate and House depends on the right strategy and messages for reaching these voters. We tested one on GOP extremism, one linking Republican candidates to Trump and one offering a positive Democratic economic message.
"Democrats, millennials and Democratic target voters are desperate to hear where the Democratic candidates want to lead the country. The message that consolidates Democrats more than any other tested in this survey is one that offers a clear positive economic agenda. It says that Democrats have a plan for the economy, and that to get these things done, we need a Democratic majority in Congress."
So what does this suggest:
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Carville and his outfit are not exactly a font of progressivism. If their data is coming up with "run on a goddamn progressive economic message about fairness and good jobs and investment in infrastructure" then you might really want to consider it.