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October 2016 - osewalrus
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by osewalrus:

07:04 am: I attempt to explain exactly what is wrong with JASTA - 3 comments

07:12 am: Elisha and the Bears: A Parable for The Unexpected Power To Harm - 1 comment
01:53 pm: Link Harvest: Why Your Cable Rate Is Higher Than You Think

08:06 am: Sometimes, You Must Wrestle With A Pig. - 1 comment

03:29 pm: How Likely is a "Democratic Wave Election in 2016." - 7 comments
05:21 pm: Link Harvest: Verizon is counting advertisements in zero rated NFL stream toward data cap

10:45 am: Link Harvest: Verizon Still Hasn't Fixed the copper lines in South Jersey

11:47 am: Link Harvest: Qualcomm gives spec on 5G wireless modem

06:35 am: FCC To Vote on Broadband Privacy Order -- Achievement Unlocked. - 1 comment