October 10th, 2016

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Sometimes, You Must Wrestle With A Pig.

There's an old expression about never wrestling with a pig in mud, because after awhile people can't tell the difference.

But, as the debates are showing, sometimes someone does have to wrestle with a pig.

It's not something to do by choice. And if a pig is just wallowing in his own metaphorical mud hole then you can afford to let the pig be. But if a pig is running around getting garbage and pig poop on everything, then you need to actually wrestle the pig down and get it back where it belongs. In such a situation, wrestling a pig is not an immature mistake to be avoided, it is a noble thing for the benefit of everyone.

I have often made the point that politics requires people of good conscience to get down and dirty, because if good people are too pure to play then we cede the field to those who are corrupt. This year that is more true than ever. Even if you want to vote thrid aprty to show your disgust for the status quo, or because you believe Jill Stein or Gary Johnson is the best of 4 choices, then do it. To greet the current election with indifference is not high minded purity; it is enabling the awfulness to continue without protest or demurer.