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November 2016 - osewalrus
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by osewalrus:

10:15 am: Link Harvest: The Cost of Internet Shutdowns to GDP
10:19 am: Link Harvest: The Inevitability of Getting Hacked.

05:26 am: I Go On C-Span To Discuss AT&T/TW Deal

05:54 am: So that was not the week I hoped for
03:22 pm: Link Harvest: Guys cared more about the election than porn

06:01 am: Take the George Washington Pledge: To bigotry no sanction; to persecution no assistance. - 3 comments

08:29 pm: The Updated Feld's Laws - 3 comments

12:41 pm: Link harvest: The Two Most Important Numbers In Your Life Are Social Security and Your Cell Phone - 2 comments
02:58 pm: Repost from a year ago: Reflection on the First Thanksgiving. - 1 comment

05:36 am: It was a nice Chessiecon: Except for the Getting Sick Part - 4 comments

12:08 pm: Link Harvest: Verizon gets ready to violate your privacy like Google and FB. Yea!