November 29th, 2016

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It was a nice Chessiecon: Except for the Getting Sick Part

Last weekend was Chessiecon. It was a nice con. Enjoyed. For one thing, got to see gildedacorn and husband Paul (and it has been so long since I tagged him on LJ I've forgotten LJ handle) for first time there in several years.

My compliments to mneme for efforts to bring filking back to Chessiecon, which are paying off.

Will not try to list names of everyone who was there. Will note that I bugged out suddenly as I woke up on Sunday morning absolutely sick as a dog. Nasty bug that knocked me out for the better part of two days. Recovered now, happily. I gather from ladymondegreen I was not the only one so afflicted.

Anyway, sorry I did not get a chance to say goodbye Sunday.