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January 2017 - osewalrus
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by osewalrus:

06:05 pm: Most Reasonable Article on Kerry Israel Speech I've Seen So Far.

07:50 am: Why do some of us talk to ourselves? A good article.
12:40 pm: Would Removing Online Anonymity Make People Politer? New Study says no.
12:43 pm: Gilded Rage: Interviews With Trump Supporters - 2 comments
01:23 pm: Watching the Train Crash - 8 comments
05:38 pm: The Older I Get The Less I respect Political Scientists

12:30 pm: On The Importance of Empathy In Addressing Racism and Sexism
05:53 pm: Montana Nazis. I hate Montana Nazis. - 2 comments

05:21 pm: And we are now up to 5 . . . . - 4 comments

10:36 am: Link Harvest: Net Neutrality For Edge Platforms?

06:12 pm: Here at Arisia

11:22 am: The more important headline in the CBO Report on Repeal and No Replace - 7 comments
12:27 pm: Too Bad For Western Mass - 1 comment
01:09 pm: Vox Article On Resegregation Seems Ass Backward - 2 comments
02:49 pm: Insanely Boring Trade Association Produces Super Rational, Boring Solution For ACA Problems.

08:26 am: Please, Oh Lord, Let Me Be Wrong -- Or Smarter. One of those two. - 1 comment

07:00 am: Should Dems Vote No As a Block On Trump Nominees? And How Should The Base React. - 3 comments
12:12 pm: I know this is gonna sound weird and wrong, but . . . - 3 comments

04:17 pm: Copied from hammercock: Resistance Made Simple(r) - 1 comment

09:33 am: Links to Trump Immigration EO and Other Useful Background - 1 comment