March 7th, 2017

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My incredibly long drash on Amalek, Purim and Why Most of What You Hear on the Subject is Wrong

For those in the mood for 5000+ words:

Wherein I discuss the true nature of the mitzvah of Shabbos Zachar by examining the many apparent contradictions between the story in Exodus and the command in Deuteronomy. Furthermore, I delve deeper into the connection between Purim and the reading of the story of Amalek, demonstrating that the connection is far more significant than the surface explanations provided with regard to the lineage of Haman. I also examine why Purim, like the war of God with Amalek, is described as being "in every generation" with a perpetual command to remember both Purim and Amalek.
Finally, I rebut those foolish ones who would identify a modern nation as Amalek, and use this identification to give themselves leave to commit heinous crimes in direct contradiction of the commands of the Torah. V'davar pela that, despite the clear words of the text and the instruction of the sages, there are those accounted wise in other matters who take it upon themselves to make such a great error, and thus endanger the entire nation of Israel. As it is written: "wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroys much good."

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