osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

What to do with all these apples?

So, in an effort to spend less time working and more time with the beardless people who live in my house (whom I'm infomred I'm related to in some way), I played poker Satruday night and went apple picking on Sunday. My poker winnings I know what to do with. But what do I do with the 50 lbs of apples we have accumulated?

Actually, it's been a fairly quiet weekend. The extra hour of sleep picked up from the switch to day light savings time was nice, as is the return of actual seasonal temperatures. I like fall. It is probably my favorite season when I am in New England and it is genuinely colorfull. Even when it finally gets below 60 down here, we never have enough sustained cold weather to get bright foliage, except up in the mountians.

But the fact that Shabbos is now ending in time for me to go out Saturday night meant I got to rejoin the occassional poker game I frequent. I ended up coming home $5 richer (woo hoo!) and, as the game was in Bethesda rather than Northern VA, I was actually able to stay late and still get home at a reasonable time, especially given the extra hour of sleep.

Today, we took Aaron and two of his friends apple picking. As a side note, I observe that one family offered to cover their kid's costs (I declined), and another did not. What is the protocol when you invite another child to accompany your child to an activity that costs money? Do you assume that because you are inviting, you cover? Or should the guest family assume that they must cover their chold's cost, and take that into account when accepting/declining the invite? Not that I cared, but it is interesting and I should like to avoid a faux pas of my own.

Anyway, the day was quite pleasant. The boys ran around, I briefly ran into leahmiriam's husband, and we got tons and tons of apples. Because Aaron is quite industrious, strong, and competitive, he ended up with 30 lbs of apples. Becky and I had another 20 Lbs between us. A mix of Enterprise, Braeburn, Fujis, Staeymens, Golden crisps, and Pink Ladys. I like to eat 'em raw, but we'll never get through 50 lbs worth before they go bad.

So (a) anyone local want some apples? and (b) What are your favorite apple recipies? Should I go out and get some mason jars? I'm looking for ideas here. Pies, cakes, condiments, whatever.

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