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Heinlien -- Social Subversive

I was recently talking to someone else and observed that a hero in a Heinlein novel commits a major war crime while feeling absolutely no guilt. But Heinlein is such a good writer that it just sort of blows by you. This lead me to consider whether people really think about Heinlein and what he wrote, even when they think they do.

So, I have a How Well Do You Know Your Heinlein Quiz. All answers are from fiction or fact he published during his lifetime.

1) Name the Heinlien hero who commits a major war crime: killing prisoners who surrendered, with absolutely no compunction or guilt.

2) Name five female characters who have careers in engineering or hard sciences in material published prior to 1970.

3) Name five positive portrayals of black characters in major roles in material published prior to 1970.

4) Name a Heinlien story with proof of an afterlife. Name a Heinlien novel with proof of an afterlife.

5) Name the Heinlien juvenile which discusses the modern reproductive technique of freezing embryos so that women may defer motherhood until after they have established a career.

6) Name five positive portrayals of lawyers (or equivalent).

7) Name a positive Latino character in a major role in a work published prior to 1970.

8) "Somewhere out there is an invention that will totally revolutionize society. I have no idea what that invention is, unless it is ____" what? And was Heinlien right?

9) Heinlein was a major Libertarian, right? Name at least one work where:

a) The economic system is completely non-market based and the government provides for all major needs and additional subsidies;

b) In which the major theme is the inherent responsibility of members of society to assist each other.

10) Name three cats and the works in which they are found.

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