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How Well Do You Know Heinlien -- Answers

OK, Answers below the cut. I admit I was surprised to see fairly low response to this. Don't people read RAH anymore? If you don't, you should.

1) Name the Heinlein hero who commits a major war crime: killing prisoners who surrendered, with absolutely no compunction or guilt.

Mycroft Holmes in Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. Kudos to batyatoon for figuring this one out. After assuming control of a UN Peacekeeper ship that surrendered, Mike crashes it into the Moon killing all aboard because "it seemed the prudent thing to do."

2) Name five female characters who have careers in engineering or hard sciences in material published prior to 1970.

Mary Lou Martin in "Let There Be Light"
Hazel Stone in The Rolling Stones
Gloria Brooks McNye in "Delilah and the Space Rigger" (which also references a "Fair Employment Commission" that prohibits discrimination based on sex).
Bainbridge Martha in Beyond This Horizon
Dr. Madder in Citizen of the Galaxy (if we count Anthropology as a hard science)
Dr. Fries (Podykane's mom) in Podykane of Mars

3) Name five positive portrayals of black characters in major roles in material published prior to 1970.

Henry Gladstone Kiku in Star Beast
Espartero Carvala in Beyond This Horizon
Manny from Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Also from MIAHM, Shorty Mkruhm, but he isn't a "major role.")
Caroline Msheyni from Tunnel In the Sky
Dr. Worthington from "Magic Incorporated"

4) Name a Heinlien story with "proof" of an afterlife. Name a Heinlien novel with proof of an afterlife.

Short story: "Elsewhen" (and others)
Novel: Beyond This Horizon

5) Name the Heinlien juvenile which discusses the modern reproductive technique of freezing embryos so that women may defer motherhood until after they have established a career.

Podykane of Mars

6) Name five positive portrayals of lawyers (or equivalent).

James J. Garsch from Citizen of the Galaxy
J.R. McCoy (licensed shyster) from "Jerry Was A Man"
Gloria Tomosawa in Friday
Jubal Harshaw in Stranger in A Strange Land
Jake Solomon in I Will Fear No Evil

7) Name a positive Latino character in a major role in a work published prior to 1970.

Professor Bernardo de la Paz The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

Also acceptable:
Loeen Garcia from Citizen of the Galaxy
Espartero Carvala in Beyond This Horizon
Manuel Garcia O'Kelly (not clear, but likely).

8) "Somewhere out there is an invention that will totally revolutionize society. I have no idea what that invention is, unless it is ____" what? And was Heinlien right?

The computer chip. (Quote is from _Expanded Universe_)

9) Heinlein was a major Libertarian, right? Name at least one work where:

a) The economic system is completely non-market based and the government provides for all major needs and additional subsidies?

Beyond This Horizon

b) In which the major theme is the inherent responsibility of members of society to assist each other?

Several, but I opt for Starship Troopers here. A critical point about Starship Troopers is that citizenship should not be merely attendant to the social compact between the person and the state, a la Locke. That merely buys you a right to live unmolested. The right to vote, to have a say in the society, is attendant on the willingness to sacrifice yourself for everyone else.

10) Name three cats and the works in which they are found.

Petronious from The Door Into Summer
Mr. Underfoot from Friday
Pixel from The Cat Who Walked Through Walls

Although my personal favorite is the unnamed kitten on the windowsill at 20 stories up in "Ordeal In Space".

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