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Cold still lingering. IQ dropping. Brain filled with snot. Want sleep..........

Have been unable to generate interest among folks for King Kong for Motzei Shabbos/Christmas Eve. Not terribly interested in Munich. Could be persuaded to see Fun with Dick and Jane and will probably take Aaron to see Narnia on Christmas before going to Chanukah party (I'm big into irony).

So today Aaron tells me his theory of Christianity, which is Hashem had a son who got born on Earth and then died and came back alive again and is now Hashem's helper. This engendered some interesting discussion on the way to shul.

As part of this discussion, we touched on Christmas as traditionally celebrated by Jews in Europe. i.e., running for thier lives, watching their houses get burned down, etc., etc. Aaron wanted to know why Hashem didn't help them (the Jews). Ah, the questions we get at 8 a.m. on the way to school when I have a head cold and a screaming two year old in the back. Ocassionaly I regret my encouraging intellectual curiosity and wish I could revert more to the "spirit crushing" mode of parenting. There are definitely days when I would pay to ship him to Lakewood and pick him up at age 18. Sure, he wouldn't want to eat in my house when he came home, but I could live with that.

Will nap before finish shabbos cooking. Technically, am telecommuting. This works reasonably well, as I can keep an eye on stuff in stove
_and_ write CALEA comments. But today, must nap. Will write kick ass comments after nap. And cook gobs of shabbos food. Really. But nap before Aaron comes home -- no doubt wanting to ask why it was o.k. for Mohamad to ascend into Heaven on the Temple Mount when he wasn't a kohen.

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