osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Becasue life isn't complicated enough . . .

So, having just returned from Boston, I am off to Brussels for the annual meeting of the advisory board of PIR, which controls the .org registry. This is a legacy of my fling with DNS politics, although my primary involvement with internet issues these days is community wireless.

Normally I'd be happy to get an all expense paid trip to Brussels, except that I shall have little time to see the sites and I am doing way too much travelling. Work is still on high overload, with no likelihood that we will hire a new lawyer anytime soon.

It also happens that this weekend is when my younger brother Shmuel is moving down with his wife Sherry and their son Kalev. And my folks are in town for a tax conference (my dad teaches tax law). So I'm bummed I won't be here to see them.

And next weekend is Aaron's birthday party (his actual birthday is July 23, but that is a fast day this year). Not like we have managed to do anything to deal with the fact that I will have 30 screaming children in my house for 2 hours.

I plan to spend the day pretending to be a fountain. I shall stand in a wading pool and spit a lot. Perhaps no one will notice me.


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