osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Final religious blatering of the day: How do the Evangelicals do it?

An interesting contrast to my discussions of Reform Judaism is the rise of Evangelical Christians among men and women.

It is common in non-religious or liberal religious circles to see traditional and Evangelical Christianity as oppressive of women. But this does not explain its massive attraction to strong, educated women. As a policy wonk in DC during the Bush Administration, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Monica Godling-type, a well educated female Republican apartchick with a traditional Evangelical faith that thinks abortion is murder, the Equal Rights Act unconstitutionaly infringes on people's right to free association, and that anyone "selfish" enough to "chose" to be gay or lesbian does not deserve special protection in the form of outlawing hate crimes.

These people are not outliers. They are a significant percentage of the population and a growing demographic. Those genuinely interested in such matters, either in terms of seeking to revitalize their own faith or to understand the psychology of others, would do well to spend serious time considering what motivates such folk rather than reaching for facile answers.

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