osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Well, 2006 is starting strangely

1) Becky's pager went off at Midnight. Her Docform PRinter is set to page her when it has "issues." I suppose it is a useful advance in technology that it can call the computer equivalent of 911 and report its own issues. So Becky ended up working on year change over issues both last night from 12:30 (after we got home from Nookery party, which was fun) until 2 a.m. (damn program thought the license expired. I HATE DRM). Then a new issue kicked in this morning for another 2.5 hours of work. Happily, this is all on over time and holiday differential. While these were actually appropriate Becky emergencies, I believe very firmly in charging 'em through the nose for it. Makes them appreciate Becky and not abuse the privilege of Beckyiness.

2) Opus accurately quotes Kohelet today. In the Hebrew version, however, the relevant quote is at 5:14, not 5:15. Haven't checked King James to see if the citation given is correct for KJ.

3) Aaron still beautiful. OTOH, he is now eating his tuna fish with his fingers.

4) Quantum still being a love slut.

5) Oven still unexploded.

6) ADD meds not kicking in. Not sure why. Think I let the levels get too low over shabbos. Ahh, there we go. Soundtrack finally turned off.

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