osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I wish I had an oven

Things on the oven front progress very slowly. A carpenter was supposed to come over tonight to look at fitting our new wall oven into the old cabinet (the previous wall oven was bigger. We tried to match, but they just don't make 'em that bulky anymore and we wanted an oven with Shabbos mode). Alas, he called and asked to defer until tomorrow night. Meanwhile, the electrician was unavailable until Monday. So we have another shabbos sans oven.

Happily, this is merely a challenge. We have crock pot and stove top and my back up oven hard drive (an oven named after a former boxer). Unfortunately, this week is proving to be a pain. My father is in town Thrs. night so we are getting together for dinner. Friday I am speaking at a brown bag on municipal wireless networks. Not sure when I will get cooking done. But The Exhausted Chef will rise to the challenge.

Playing with my adderol levels has also induced the current bout of insomnia. Frustrating. Too tired to work but can't actually fall asleep.

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