osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Heck, I may want press credentials . . . .

I wonder how to get blogger press credentials for the Democratic Convention? This begins to look like it could be fun.

The same mixed demographic/geographic trends continue now that it is a neck-and-neck race. Obama continues to do better with African Americans, voters under 30, and well educated/professional whites. Clinton continues to do better with women, Latinos, and working class voters. Obama has a narrow lead among pledged delegates, but Clinton more than offsets this with her lead with the Super delegates.

Last night, Obama did very well in states with small Democratic parties where Dems have not traditionally campaigned. Clinton did well in major Democratic states, including more impressive than predicted showing in MA and CA (although Obama pulled his own better than expeced in CN and DE).

The great dream of all political junkies, a brokered convention, seems more possible all the time. Heck, I'm surprised the primary in my state will actually matter this year.

Meanwhile, my endorsement of Obama on my professional site got 5 diggs, which is probably more than any other entry. Damned if I understand how this stuff works.
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