osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

"Delaying" my ass

I'm listening to the 6 hours of the FCC hearing in Boston yesterday. Comcast keeps insisting that they are "delaying" rather than blocking.

Excuse me, it's not like this stuff sits in queue until the bandwidth congestion clears. It's not like you get a message saying "because of network congestion, this feature is diabled, try again later." Comcast forges reset packets and, as far as the user can tell, the application has failed for no discernible reason. The fact that a user might try again later and succeed is not a "delay" in any reasonably understood statement of the word.

Feh. Lie better or not at all. At least the Verizon guy was honest. (We don't do this because we don't need to, but we'd like to have the right to do so if we need to in the future.)

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