osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Contrary to Popular Opinion, American People Are NOT Apolitical Idjits

Once again, the PEW Project for Excellence in Journalism provides useful documentation that the problems in media covergae are (a) not your imagination, and (b) not because everyone else are morons.


1) Most folks surveyed think coverage of Clinton and Obama has been fair, but crappy;

2) The vast majority of people surveyed want the media to cover issues. In particular, they want the media to start covering the candidates positions on key issues rather than blabbing on and on and on about this demographic or that advertising strategy.

Interstingly, but perhaps understandably, more Republicans than Democrats wanted more coverage of the religious and personal character of the candidates. By contrast, more Democrats than Republicans thought the level of reportage on polls showing candidate standing (often called "horse race" coverage) was at the right level or could be increased, while a majority of Republicans (and a majority of viewers overall) thought there was too much of this coverage.

As always, I will point to the steady decline in ratings as confirmatory that the ridiculous tautology "we only show the public what they want, otherwise we wouldn't show it" is nonsense and that PEW's analysis of discontent is right on the money.

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