osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Very briefly

Exchange between me and a friend after the auction:

Me: I'm crushed, but my life as a Red Sox fan has prepared me for these things.

Friend: Happily, it's a good night to get drunk and read a megillah. If you drink enough, it will look like Google won!

Me: I can't get that drunk.

Friend: I once celebrated Purim in Monsey, NY. I've seen people that drunk.

My "getting back to basics" purim worked very well and was quite enjoyable, with the minor problem that a guest's child insisted on using the bathroom himself and left the water on and the sink plugged. This we discovered when I found the rain forest exhibit in my basement. Happily, my mother-in-law had previously moved my harp, and my filk bag was closed. Many Nora Roberts books were lost, which just goes to show that God looks out for us on Purim.

The FCC announced the winners of the spectrum auction. The results are decidedly miced, and not nearly as bad as the press makes out to be. Hint, the wireless industry is saying it was a failure. As I am always suspicious when people tell me they did not pay enough for things, I take this as "we hate the C Block open conditions and anonymous bidding worked." Tough nuggies. OTOH, I bet wrong on license size issues. Not sure if going with smaller licenses would have helped, or even if it would have maximized revenue. Verizon paid $9 mhz/pop for the Chicago B Block license -- which means nothing to most people reasing this but is an indication that they were prepared to outspend anyone that got in their way.

Today is the first Saturday night in 6 weeks we are not (a) taking Becky to the hospital, (b) visiting Becky in the hospital, or (c) having Becky just back from the hopsital. I like this trend.

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