osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Whining I Won't Miss

As the Clinton campaign winds down with exceeding ill-grace, its supporters in the Op Ed pages have shown a remarkable sureliness in which they manage to obscure their good points with the sort of backbiting bitterness that has become the hallmark of this campaign's proxies.

In Washpo, that means Kathleen Parker. Today's column Democrats Hug It Out was basically an opportunity to take rather juvenile pot shots at Edwards and Obama and lament that the much more competent and less pretty Hilary Clinton will not be our Commander-In-Chief. "When the time comes to sit accross from the likes of MahMoud Ahmadinejad, a chill in the heart may beat a thrill up the leg."

Um yeah. Very persuasive. Not like you're bitter or anything.

From the same school was Marie Cocco's Misogyny I Won't Miss. Cocco's discussion of various misogynisitc attacks against Clinton is marred by the whining which has become de rigouer of dissappointed Clintonistas that everyone was biased against Clinton and in the tank for Obama. Cocco's story of woe was also ironically undercut by the front page story a few days earlier which chronicling a rather dreary and depressing list of verbal and outright physical assaults on Obama campaign workers and HQs which had evaded media notice, and this same day piece by Howard Kurtz on the same issue and the attempt by the right to suppres coverage. It's not just that Cocco sounds too much like she's reading from the Karl Rove playbook -- a sight seen too often in Camp Clinton. It's that the Clinton proxies don't feel it's enough to point out injustice, their injustice has to be worse, justifying why they deserve to win and why their loss can only be explained as unfair evil prejudice.

That is whining I won't miss.

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