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Quick takes

A lot to blog on politically, but no time. Will have to settle for a few personal updates.

1) Sunday: the cabinetmaker/handyman came, did the cabinetry work, and turned on the oven. Hooray! Our long kitchen nightmare is over!
Also, Becky goes to Sharper image and blows a ton of money on ionizers to relieve cigarette smoke from Greg and particulates problem around house.

2) Monday: Following hitherto unknown (by me) Law of Conservation of Kitchen Appliances, our microwave dies. On the plus side, ionizers seem to be reducing coughing in Becky & Aaron and is starting to have some impact on Becky-snorks (i.e., no longer audible outside room).

3) Tuesday: Becky's pager goes off at 5 a.m., waking me, but not Becky. I, in sleep fogged haze, cannot figure out what is making beepie noise and spend half an hour fruitlessly hunting for mysterious beeping thing. Becky, waking at 6 a.m. is puzzled at why I did not immediately recognize the sound of her beeper coming from inside her pants pocket -- which she (once conscious) identifies with the same unerring accuracy as a Momma seal finding her pup out of several thousand on a crowded each.

On the plus side, release preliminary version of my cable white paper: "The Switching Equation" and Its Impact on the Video Proramming Market and MVPD Pricing. One can find a short executive summary on my professional blog, Tales of the Sausage Factory, at http://www.wetmachine.com.

Ionizers now very definitely having positive impact on Becky and Aaron. Aaron has just about stopped coughing, while Becky's snorks have dropped down to reasonable levels. Huzzah! Sleep now at last attainable, provided I get to bed.

4) Wednsday: There was a Wed...yes? I'm kinda blanking. Spent day fundraising.
Every electric device and kitchen aplliance appears to be functioning.

5) Thursday: Ionizer in bedroom stops working. Knew it was too good to last. Also, have Dr. appt. Weight down modestly (good), blood pressure down to almost normal (good), HDLs down to healthy levels (good), LDL down to 28 (very definitely not good. Bad, in fact.) (Triglycerides modestly high and blood sugar solidly normal, to round out the count).

Have cut out a fair amount of red meat and junk (but am now eating too much starch/carbohydrates, hence the elevated triglicerides). Missing ingredient is exercise. Since I quite literally do not have time to pee at work (happiness is a work cathater), am working 10-12 hour days, and am spending time at home with Aaron, am not sure where exercise time is going to come in. Which is a pity, because I actually like when I exercise.

Bad news, uric acid count still way too high. No surprise, as grandfather had gout and so does m father. Begin exciting new med today (Alopurinal). Amusingly for me, starting this can actually _trigger_ my first real got attack.

Work day runs late because I keep getting interrupted for lengthy conversations and other distractions.

Friday: Becky snorkings beginning to return. Must sacrifice virgin to ionizer before Shabbos. Must cook. Meeting potential new funders today (Town Creek Foundation), so not sure when I will cook. But at least I will cook in own oven!

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