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Death of a Brave Little Toaster: And I Am Surprised By the Lack of Coverage

I saw in Mrgoodwraith's LJ that SF author Tom Disch died. I went to try to find an official obit and was surprised that, two days after his death, there is none available through Google News.

Though most folks will likely remember Disch for his poetry and significant contributions to the field of science fiction (particularly the "New Wave" of the 1960s), I will always remember his cheerful creation -- the Brave Little Toaster. The sad truth is that I have watched that movie far more times than Aaron ever did and long after I could pretend he was interested.

Why? I dunno. Because something in the struggle of the Brave Little Toaster to find his lost master against all odds and against all sense just appeals to the squishy sentimentalist in me. It grieves me that someone who could create such a hopeful character could take his own life.

sic transit gloria mundae

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