osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Is George Bush Invader Zim?

I'm sorry, but as the current terrorist attack against a sacred Shi'ite shrine sends Iraq spiraling further down the path of civil war, I have this unfortunate image of GW as Invader Zim proudly surveying the scene and saying:

"Well Grrr, our work here is finished. My plan to bring peace and democracy to Iraq has worked perfectly."

Porter Goss (as Grrr): No it didn't.

Invader George: SILENCE.

Porter Grrr: Hoooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howard Dean (as Dib): Succesful? You call this succesful? Everyone is killing each other!

Invader George: Oh, Howard Dib. When will you ever learn that your pre-911 logic and primitve "blame us first" mentality is no match for my superior intellect?

Howard Dib: Not this time Invader George! Not this time! This time the people are going to see what you're up to and stop you once and for all! [Looks out at reporters] Am I right?

Reporter zombie: So, when did Dick Chenney shoot the Mosque with birdshot?

Reporter zombie 2: Do you think we can get some pictures of Brittany Spears with her baby at the Mosque?

Howard Dib: But, but, everyone is shooting each other! This whole country is collapsing! Billions of dollars in U.S. aid money has disappeared! Doesn't anybody care? Is all you think about stupid stories like Britanny Spears driving with her baby without a seat belt?

Invader George (to reporter zombies, pointing at Howard Dib): That man over there is bad mouthing Britanny Spears.

Reporter zombies: Bad-mouthing Brittany? Yaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh (Reporters storm after Howard Dib, chasing him, throwing things, and accusing him of being unamerican.)

Porter Grrr: Are we gonna invade Iran now?

Invader George: Later Grrr. First, let us savor the sweet savory scent of success as we enjoy the democratic paradise that is now Iraq.

Porter Grrr: I love IEDs! They're crunchy! [puts explosive in mouth, head explodes] Wheeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

[Pull back to see Invader George and Porter Grrr strolling chearfully and obliviously through riots and destruction in Sadr City.]

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