osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Waiting, waiting, waiting . . . . The Internet Radio Deathwatch.

Waiting for the FCC to finally issue some orders. I HATE waiting. But the FCC moves at its own pace.

Meanwhile, it looks like Internet radio may die.

I'm kinda sad about that. But I do feel a mild bit of Cassandrafreude in that I warned the independent artists they were killing themselves by siding with the Copyright Office and the big boys even if it meant a cut in royalties in the short term.

The issue isn't just the royalty fees. It is also the massively increased reporting requirements. It is rapidly driving out streaming for college stations and smaller community stations, who simply can't afford the royalties (radio pays no royalties for over the air broadcasting, but they pay for streaming like everyone else) or the reporting and screening requirements.

Congress has had legislation pending before it for over a year now to set royalty rates for internet radio as equal to those paid by satellite radio. But Congress won't act. Sadly, many members of Congress are now reduced to begging industry to solve its own problems to avoid needing to actually pass legislation. It's like shepherds asking wolves to negotiate in good faith with sheep because shepherds would really hate to have to start doing stuff. And about as effective.

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