osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

What's Your Favorite Obama Conspiracy Theory?

Presidential candidates are always the subjects of conspiracy theories, I suppose. But what delights me about Obama is he has become the object of so many different conspiracy theories from all over the spectrum. I don't mean "Obama is a secret Muslim" sort of stuff. I mean people who tell me in all seriousness why Obama was allowed to win the primary and why he may or may not be allowed to win the general election. Here are a few of my favorites. I have heard each of these proposed in all seriousness.

1) From white people: Obama was the choice of the RNC because they could not beat Clinton or Edwards. They knew that liberals and progressives could be guilted into voting for a black man, but that real America is not "ready" for a black candidate.

2) From non-white people: White people set Obama up to win because the economy is going down the tubes. He will win the election and get blamed for all the bad stuff. After him, it will be impossible to get a non-white person nominated for a generation.

3) Hilary Clinton wanted to lose because she realized the economy would tank. This way she can run in 2012 after McCain beats Obama.

4) Obama was the choice of the DLC when it became clear Clinton could not beat Edwards. He is a tool of the Democratic leadership to keep out real progressives.

What's your favorite conspiracy theory? And who "allows" Obama to win anyway for these conspiracy theories to work?

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