osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I Got John Oliver To Say Hello To My Wife!

Forget the rest of the convention, history, blah blah blah. Forget even my conversation with one of my personal legislative heroes, Zoe Lofgren, who soooooooo should be Speaker or even President. Forget that, in a combination of serendipity and cast-your-bread-upon-the-waters good karma, I got a ticket into the nosebleed section of the convention and got to see all the speeches starting from the Keynote through Hilary Clinton's address.

No, the big thing for me was John Olive of the Daily Show.

As I was wending my way down stairs, there on the staircase was John Oliver and the Daily Show crew shooting. I stopped to gawck -- the total fanboy -- while Oliver graciously allowed some fan pics and then politely said: "Sorry, we need to film this now, thank you." And then raced up the stairs to to a bit that will no doubt air tonight.

I, of course, had to call beckyfeld even though it was Midnight East Coast Time. Meanwhile, the Daily Show crew were packing up and beginning to trudge down the stairs. "OMG! I'm standing 5 feet away from John Oliver of the Daily Show!" "That is so cool!" "I'm going total fanboy. OMG! OMG!" "That is so awesome, I wish I were there."

Then, as a gift from a kind and loving God, I passed right next to John Oliver on the stairs! Leaning over the metal bannister, I shoved my cell phone in his face and shouted: "John Oliver! You are the most amazing person in the world! Please tell my wife I'm actually standing right next to you at the Democratic National Convention in Denver!"

And John Oliver leaned toward the phone and said, in his consumate unruffled Englishman voice: "Yes, he's here, and so am I."

At this point I am carried away from the crowd screaming my incoherent thanks and babbling incoherently with Becky.

BTW, John Oliver is a real mensch. He was so nice to all the fans, even the raving maniac with the cell phone in his face.

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