osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Must Be That Liberal Media Bias, But Why Are Liberals Such Idiots?

Remember when everyone got upset about that ABC reporter who got arrested when he refused to comply with a police officer request to move behind the security line?

Oddly, there is absolutely zero mainstream news coverage over the arrest of Amy Goodman, whose news show Democracy Now! is distributed on various NPR and PBS stations.

Let us be clear. Amy had valid press credentials for the RNC Convention. She repeatedly and respectfully asked the police to recognize her credentials and to allow her to pass as an authorized reporter legally allowed to enter the secure convention area. She did not refuse to comply with any instructions. Is the mainstream media outraged? Here them crickets! (More details here at Crooks and Liars).

Mind you, this is of a piece with the general free pass the RNC has gotten over the military build up in St. Paul, and the general low key reporting of the mass arrests and use of such delightful aids as tear gas and pepper spray -- all of which were absent from the DNC convention in Denver. The Daily Show Indecision08 Blog captured this nicely with a comparison photo of Denver and St. Paul.

What appalls me is the number of liberals and progressives who were so happy to hold the Dems to a higher standard and play the game of the conservative noise machine. I can only assume this is yet another example of what Lois McMaster Bujold termed "the will to be stupid" that infects mots human beings. Happily, as Bujold also observed, "there are certain kinds of stupid you don't have to be."

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