osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Ah the RNC . . .

Very briefly:
1) This crowd is so white it's frigin' scary. In 2004, Rs made a real effort to showcase the idea that they weren't just the party of rich white people. Aparently, that promotional effort has gone by the wayside.

2) I am not incensed that both Rudy Gulliani and Sarah Palin think there is something silly about being a community organizer. I am incensed that the Republican National Convention thinks community organizing is funny. When Rudy said Obama was a community organizer, even before he got to the payoff line about how that's not experience (because getting a large group of fractious people motivated and organized around a common goal on a non-esxistent budget is work for pussies, right?) while the Illinois delegates were doing the traditional chant when your state is mentioned thing, the rest of the audience was smiling and laughing and whooping it up. hee hee! A community organizer! What a ma-roon! What a dork! Caring about crap and trying to get people engaged in the process. Ha hah hah!

On the plus side, I suppose that is why we routinely kick ass in this Administration.

And how shocking! Karl Rove and the Fox News Team loved Palin's speech.

I am still waiting for the Ds to start a campaign around "How can anyone who spent 2 years pushing for alaska to suceed really put America first?" But I suppose that will wait until next week.

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