osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Democrats Need to Act Less Like Whipped Doggies and More Like Winners.

I swear to God! Palin gives a speech in front of a cheering mob of delegates, the media does its expected fawning, and the Democrats fall to bloody pieces filled with despair and woe.

Not since the Israelites complained to Moses by the Red Sea has there been such an obvious pack of whipped slaves without spirit, no matter what miracles they witnessed.

Did you all think it was going to be easy? Did you think Sarah Palin was going to fail to get a crowd of RNC delegates applauding? Did you think they weren't going to replay the same themes they have played for the last 8 years and previewed without end in the campaign?

Lets contrast Ds and Rs for a moment to illustrate the difference between folks used to winning and pathetic beaten curs. The Rs have everything against them, but they act like winners. McCain draws pathetic crowds compared to Obama's appearances. Do they despair? No! Suddenly, unpopular is the new cool. Obama gives a speech in front of a cheering throng at Invesco stadium, with more viewers than have ever tuned into a convention speech in history. Do the Republicans despair? Hell No! The Republicans give a superior smirk and explain, with utter confidence and conviction, why that speech sucked and how it will really hurt Obama's election chances. And, against all evidence of their senses, Ds start trembling with dread.

Sarah Palin gives a speech to the base that doesn't embarrass her and shows that -- surprise -- someone who has won elected office twice can do a campaign speech and work a crowd. And the Democrats piss themselves and act like they just lost an election.

As someone who routinely goes toe-to-toe with corporate interests with vastly superior resources, as someone who engages in that supposedly laughable job of community organizing, let me give you a little piece of advice. Half of winning in politics is convincing everyone else you are a winner.

Yeah yeah, election in 2000 and 2004, where idjits managed to lose by a handful of votes. And 2002, where Dems ran on the "we love Bush too!" ticket and got their asses handed to them. And forget 2006, where no one (except a few of us believers) thought the Ds could take both houses of Congress back. The Republicans just lost three by-elections in safe districts. But because they swagger like alpha dogs, Dems are falling all over themselves to crouch, splay and twitch their tails to the side.

Act like whipped dogs and you will be the RNC bitch in November.

This does not mean it is easy. It takes planning. It takes hard work. It takes dedication and determination. No one is going to hand you a victory because you deserve it. If you are worried about all those small town Americans, you need to go to them and make the case. That's what Howard Dean did in '06 with the 50 state strategy -- and it worked. That's what Oabama is doing with his offices in every state and his laughable "community organizers" on voter registration drives.

But man, if I ever want to try to explain to people how the Children of Israel could go through the ten plagues and still lack faith at the Red Sea, from now on, all I need to do is get them to talk to a mainstream Democrat.

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