osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Take Heart Wussie Dems: Latest Spot Polling Data

Or, to paraphrase what Moses said at the Red Sea to the generation raised in the house of bondage. "Now you shall see the power of the interwebs, the 50 state strategy, and the progressives! For Dean and Obama shall fight for thee, if you but keep you stupid traps shut!" Whereupon the New Democrats said unto Moses "why do you pray to me when there is stuff to do. Get cracking!"

This USA Today interactive state-by-state poll tracker is extremely informative. Note the following:

1) Many states Obama was supposedly losing, such as Michigan, PA and Wisconsin are now solidly for Obama (support above 5%). NH is trending Obama. But Obama has substantial leads in all states that voted for Kerry with the exception of NH, where Obama has a slight lead.

2) Other states, which are supposed to be locks for the Rs, are too close to call. This is especially noteworthy in North and South Carolina.

3) In many of these states, the trend lines are in favor of Obama. There are some exceptions, but they are hardcore red states that appear to have consistently trended to McCain as they have gone negative and especially after picking Palin.

Not definitive by a long shot. But all those gnashing teeth and fretting over the Wilder Effect would do well to get a grip.

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