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Why I am NOT At Chalice

So there we were, all set to go to an actual SCA event that isn't Pennsic. All three of us in the car, packed up, and heading out with time before shabbos.

Just over the 14th St. bridge out of DC (technically still in DC, we discovered), I was trying to get into the HOV 3 lane and a bus disagreed. Being forced along the side of the roadd, we hit a pot hole just right and lost our two right-side tires.

On the plus side, none of us were hurt, we were close enough to home to get towed home just as the last leniency on shabbos was kicking in, and we actually had food for shabbos since we had packed food for the event.

On the downside, I now have a car with two flat tires in my front yard (we could not get towed somewhere to get the tires fixed and get our stuff home before shabbos). This will cost $money$ and take time I so don't have.

And, of course, I missed an SCA event I really wanted to attend.

Not exactly a happy end to a wretched week.

Ah well . . . .

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